What the Heck is a Silicone Wedding Ring?

Have you heard of silicone wedding rings?  I hadn’t, and my husband actually brought this to my attention.  Men and women who have an active lifestyle or work situation where they could damage or ruin their wedding band are turning to silicone rings.

Women's silicone wedding bands from Qalo
Women’s silicone wedding bands from Qalo, part of their ‘Quality’ collection.


I remember, when on our honeymoon, overhearing another couple talking about their brand new wedding rings.  The newly-wed husband was talking about how he didn’t think he was ever going to be able to wear his shiny new ring at work, because he worked in a factory, and it was too dangerous.  And I thought, “hmmm… I’ve never considered this as a problem before.  Poor guy!”  Then after returning to ‘real’ married life, I found that I was having to take my rings off everyday when I taught Jazzercise classes, because I didn’t like the feeling of sweating under that beautiful ring.  And what if I sweat so much that it flew off of my finger?  Just like that guy at the resort in Jamaica, I couldn’t wear my rings all the time.

Besides the threat of losing or damaging your wedding ring, what about careers in which it is too dangerous to wear the ring?  I found that electricians and military personnel are not allowed to wear jewelry that conducts electricity.  I had never considered that issue before.  Upon investigating the silicone ring trend, I also found that, the popular tungsten and titanium men’s wedding bands that many are wearing have to be cut off with a certain type of saw, should there be an accident.  And, some emergency rooms do not have that special saw.  Yikes.

Silver-colored silicone rings offered by Saferingz.
Silver-colored silicone rings offered by Saferingz.

Enter the silicone ring, offering a way to wear your commitment on your finger, without the worries of a conventional precious metal ring.  Most of the silicone rings I found where medical grade silicone, which means that there are no harmful chemicals in them. They may appear to be metallic, but contain no electrical conductivity.  They can stretch, and are soft and smooth on the skin.

I found testimonials from bodybuilders, who cannot lift weights wearing a metal ring, to surfers, who are afraid of losing their rings in the water.  I found that those who work on vehicles loved how the rings do not get in the way of their work in tight spaces.

Here is one gentleman’s review, favoring the Smart Band ring he got on Amazon. This man liked his silicone ring, but decided to return to the metal ring that he was used to. So, in all, it appears that the silicone wedding band is a super solution to those who have a metallic ring situation to deal with.  I’m inclined to give one a try so that I can still wear my ring while I teach fitness classes.  I’ll let you all know how it goes.

Is a silicone ring something you’ve heard of?  Would it be an option for you?



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