Watch Taylor Swift Show Up at a Fan’s Wedding and Perform…

Max Singer and Kenya Smith held a wedding reception in Brant Beach, NJ and they had a very special surprise, courtesy of the groom’s sister, Ali.  The “surprise vocal guest of the night” was Taylor Swift.

Apparently, Ali had written (?) to Taylor about the couple’s loss when Max’s mother passed away recently.  Max and Kenya wanted his mom to be in attendance for their wedding ceremony, so they married in her hospital room shortly before she died. The couple reportedly danced to Taylor Swift’s Blank Space in the hospital room as a married couple.

Wedding organizers had to keep the visit under wraps so that Taylor’s appearance was a total surprise – even the reception DJ, Michael Klebacher didn’t know about it until 1 hour prior.  Below, watch that DJ’s video of Taylor’s stripped-down performance of Blank Space as the couple dances together.

According to, Taylor made a special card for the couple, with the words “So it’s gonna be forever” written in watercolors. Click here to see it!

Taylor’s Ruben Singer cocktail dress is gorgeous-  Perfect for a summer wedding.

Taylor Swift performs Blank Space for couple at wedding
Photo: Taylor Swift’s Instagram

Taylor Swifts surprises couple at wedding reception
Photo: Taylor Swift’s Instagram

This was a lovely thing for Taylor to do, and what a special gift for a couple that had such a tragedy.  Kudos to Taylor on this one.


Source: Taylor Swift Shows Up at Fan’s Wedding, Performs ‘Blank Space’ | Billboard


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