This Family’s Wedding Dress Has Been Worn By 11 Brides

The amazing story below is almost hard to believe: An heirloom wedding dress, first worn 120 years ago, has been passed on through generations of this Pennsylvania family.  In total, 11 brides have worn the puffy-sleeved dress.

Fashion is fleeting, and when it comes to wedding dresses, style is always evolving.  This makes it difficult to hand-down wedding dresses within families now, as fabrics, silhouettes, and sizes progress.  I know that I couldn’t have worn my mother’s dress – since it was very small and made of fabric that had zero ‘give’ to it.  I’ve heard many people comment over the years on how small their wedding dresses were back in the day… “I don’t even know how I fit my arm into that tiny sleeve” is something I heard just this past year in reference to a former wedding dress, from its owner.  In the photos below, the dress on the first bride (in 1896) had a 18-inch waist! Whaaat?

I’m curious about what kind of shape the fabric is in now – and how many times the dress had to be re-built by a seamstress?  120 years is a long time for something as delicate as a wedding dress (that appears to be made of silk) to endure.  Did all 11 brides wear only this dress exclusively for each wedding day, or did they just marry in the dress, take photos, then change? So many questions…

Check out the entire article below, along with photos of each bride to see how the dress and styles of the times had changed…


What goes out of style eventually comes back in fashion.

Source: This Family’s Heirloom Wedding Dress Has Been Worn By 11 Brides Over 120 Years


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