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June 28, 2016 / / Dress Inspiration

While half of the world was prepping for the Game of Thrones finale, the other half were watching the BET awards Sunday night – and were treated to some special surprises.  

June 13, 2016 / / Dress Inspiration

Last night’s TONY awards red carpet provided plenty of dressporn to look at, along with some questionable style choices.  Although the red carpet was windy, and the mood was somber – given the tragedy in Orlando early that morning, the stars came to spread messages of encouragement.  Most displayed a silver ribbon pin in honor of those victims.

April 6, 2016 / / Bridal Fashion

It can be difficult to pull off a bridal-inspired look, while at the same time not trying to look like a bride. I love it when a celebrity (and their stylist) can make it happen.  I also love a great, chic, white jumpsuit or tuxedo on a woman with some style.  Thanks to multiple awards shows last week, the red carpet treated us to some great bridal style.  Have a look below…

March 13, 2016 / / Dress Inspiration
February 29, 2016 / / Dress Inspiration
February 16, 2016 / / Dress Inspiration

The Grammys Red Carpet is always interesting, as it allows for a little more creativity and risk-taking. Despite this, many of the celebrities kept it classy and elegant this year. I wish it wasn’t a Monday night (not all of us had the day off!!), but at least the red carpet began early.  Check out the best, worst, and the in-between below…

January 31, 2016 / / Dress Inspiration

The SAG Awards brought out both Television and Movie stars Saturday night, which means there were a lot of people on the red carpet, and a lot of dresses to look at.  A megapost of photos below…

January 11, 2016 / / Dress Inspiration

Kittens, the Golden Globes Red Carpet has provided many beautiful dresses for your inspiration. There were hits and misses but no major mis-steps.  Picture-heavy post is below.