Real Brides: Felicia’s Gatsby-Themed Wedding

Felicia and Peter planned a glamorous 1920’s-themed wedding, and found the perfect venues to match the Gatsby-esque vibe

Real Brides: Felicia's Gatsby-themed wedding


Date of event: 08/20/2016

Venues: Ceremony- Saginaw Art Museum, Saginaw, MI. Reception- Bancroft, Saginaw, MI.

Photography: Chelsea Miller Photography


Art Museum Wedding 1920's theme


When Felicia was a student at Saginaw Valley State University, she enrolled in a course entitled Law, Liberty, and Morality, where Peter was the class professor.  While Felicia immediately had the biggest crush on him, it wasn’t until a chance meeting at a local bar 5 years later that the pair reconnected.  After Felicia spotted him and sent over a glass of whiskey, they began dating, and the rest is history.

Caterer: Bradley’s Bistro

Officiant: Joshua Walbecq (friend of the couple)

Florist: Felicia bought flowers in bulk from Sam’s Club, and then the bridal party helped to put together the arrangements.

Hair: The AMAZING Breanna Watson

Makeup: Janey Cascaddan,  from Rock Your Locks


Gatsby-esque Real Wedding


How he proposed: Peter took me to NYC for a pre-Christmas trip. Peter had a plan to propose to me while ice skating under the Rockefeller Christmas tree. However, there was a crazy blizzard that day and they closed the rink. I couldn’t understand why he still wanted to walk to the tree to see the lights in the crazy weather. It sounded like a fun adventure but surely we could go the next night. Gosh was I surprised when we got there and he dropped on one knee!


Real Brides: Felicia's Saginaw Art Museum Wedding


Theme of wedding/ design aesthetic: Gatsby-esque with literary flair

Wedding Colors: Black & Metallics

DJ: Eric Middlebrooks

Cake: Assorted desserts from Pâtisserie


Real Brides- Felicia's 20's theme wedding


Wedding Goodies: Peter and I love where we live. To show that love, the guests who checked in to the hotel received pro-Saginaw gift bags. There were little trinkets from various arts and culture venues in the city like the Children’s Zoo at Celebration Square and The Castle Museum of Saginaw County.


Felicia's Wedding party


Flowers & Decor: We named the tables after our shared favorite books and used the books as centerpieces/favors for the guests. Books like “Great Gatsby”, “Unbearable Lightness of Being”, “Anna Karenina”, “Infinite Jest”, “Harry Potter”, etc. (13 titles in total) Other items on the tables: spray painted Harney & Sons tins, flameless candles, wine bottles with roses. Each table was unique.

Linens: White table linens.

Honeymoon: We took a mini-moon trip to Traverse City, Michigan. We are planning a France trip for December.


Real Brides: Felicia's Gatsby wedding theme



Real Bride Felicia's roaring 20's wedding

Wedding Dress: Felicia had 2 dresses from Rent the Runway (Both Badgley Mischka). The ceremony dress was champagne with white lace and details.  The reception dress was all rose gold sequins.

Shoes: I scored my shoes on clearance at DSW!

Jewelry: Ceremony necklace from Lauren Elyse

Reception headpiece by Stoney Creek Boutiques



Real Bride Felicia


Rings: Peter’s is from Saginaw Gold & Diamond Center, and Felicia’s is from Brilliant Earth

What was your old, new, borrowed, blue? Old – A beautiful purse my Maid of Honor gifted me from Court Street Antiques. New – My pink hair (dyed it the night before). Borrowed – My rented dresses. Blue – Accent nails.


Felicia Barry Wedding


Real Gatsby Themed wedding


Wedding Party: Four Bridesmaids and 4 Groomsmen

Bridesmaids Dresses: The girls each purchased their own choice of dress.

Colors: Black with metallic accents

Tuxedos: Combatant Gentlemen

Colors: Black for the Groomsmen, Midnight Blue for Groom


Real Bride Felicia's Groomsmen


Real Bride Felicia's Wedding Story


First Dance Song: The Blower’s Daughter, by Damien Rice

Most Memorable Moment: The speeches were out of this world! I laughed and cried so hard.

You and your husbands’ wedding advice: Never give up on love. It is the only real thing in this life.


Felicia's 1920's theme wedding


Real Bride Felicia's wedding story


On the Gatsby-esque Theme: We both identify with the glam of the 1920’s, so we chose the theme before we found the venues, but they both fit so perfectly that we knew it was meant to be.  We expressed to guests that the suggested attire was ‘Black Tie Optional’, and that the bridal party will be decked out in 1920’s-inspired fashions.  We encouraged guests to dress accordingly by creating a wedding website with fashion inspiration photos that really set the tone.  We asked the guests to wear what they feel most comfortable in, but to feel free to use the day as an excuse to break out the glam!


Real Brides: Peter and Felicia


Roaring 20's theme wedding story


Who gave you the most help in the planning process? My bridal party was just the best. When I couldn’t decide if I wanted red or white roses, I could talk it out with them. They each knew me so well and understood the whole vibe I was trying to accomplish that they kept me on track.

How much influence did your fiancé have in the planning process? I bounced ideas off Peter and he contacted all the venues for us. He trusted my vision and let me run with it.


Real Bride Felicia's Wedding story


Real Bride Felicia's Wedding Story


Which part of the process gave you the most stress? The weather. (Spoiler Alert! It rained).

What did you do that you found helped out with stress the best? I went to yoga almost every night the week leading up to the wedding which helped me keep my Zen. Fortunately, I have the most amazing friends that I could rely on. When the flowers were delivered a day late, I didn’t need to change my day-before-getting-ready plans. One of our best men and our officiant were so well versed in flowers and so similar to myself that they were able to set everything up without me. My bridesmaids put together the bouquets while I was secretly dying my hair pink. Special shout out to my MOH who not only did her own bouquet but mine as well – it was so beautiful. If you want a stress-free wedding, only enlist the best. Not once did I have a panic attack or stress cry, which if you know me, is incredible.


Real Bride Felicia's Bridal Party


Felicia's Wedding Story


Is there anything that didn’t go as planned? It rained. I was in hard denial that it was going to rain. Even while it was actually raining I was like, “nope, this isn’t happening.” My vision was Peter and I getting married in the beautiful gardens and I did not want to let go of it. Thankfully the Saginaw Art Museum staff was incredibly kind and patient with me. They even set the chairs up outside when it was very obvious they would be pulled back in. We were able to get our first looks in the gardens, albeit with umbrellas. The museum accommodated us inside which is not something we initially discussed with them. It was still beautiful and memorable. The windows faced the gardens and we were all able to have a good laugh about it the whole situation. If the Saginaw Art Museum interns are reading this – thank you for bringing the chairs in while it stormed outside! 

What was your favorite part of the event? I can’t choose one part! The whole day was a blur of bliss.


Real Bride Felicia's Groomsmen


Real Bride Felicia's Wedding


If you could go back in time, what would you have changed? I would breathe more. The day went by so fast and it wasn’t until I was eating dinner in Traverse City the next night that everything hit home. The kind words and support finally sunk in and I was overcome with gratitude. The poor people at North Peak Brewery probably thought I hated the food because I kept crying!

On the secret pink hair color change: Back when I was Peter’s student I had atomic pink hair, so it was a bit of a throw back to when we first met. I kept it a secret because surprises are always fun  – especially with dramatic hair changes. Peter LOVED it. 


Felicia's surprise wedding hair


Barry Wedding story


Gatsby themed wedding decor


What did you do to save money? Being willing to not do traditions simply for tradition’s sake really helped us save money. Who needs an overpriced cake when you can have mini-cheesecakes, cannoli, and eclairs at a fraction of the cost? Also, renting my dress was a huge money saver. Each dress was about $100. No seriously, $100.

What was your biggest splurge? The food for sure was our biggest splurge and for good reason. To be honest, it was our biggest splurge but was still less expensive than you would expect for the quality/quantity we received. I had people tell me over and over they never had such good food at a wedding. Bradley’s designed an entire pescetarian menu for us that was out of this world. Veggie lasagna, tempeh curry, shrimp scampi – I want to eat it all again!


Real Bride Felicia's Wedding


Real Bride Felicia's Wedding


1920's wedding theme


Such a beautiful and unique wedding.  Thank you Felicia, for sharing your wedding story!




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