REAL BRIDES: Deanna’s Snowy winter wedding

Deanna and Mike hold a snow-themed November Wedding in New York and New Jersey

REAL BRIDES: Deanna's Snowy Winter Wedding. Her wedding story.

Date: November 2013

Location: The Grand Marquis, Old Bridge, New Jersey

Photographer: The Pros

Caterer: The Grand Marquis

Officiant: Married at her Catholic Church

Real Brides: Deanna's Snowy winter wedding

Deanna and Mike initially met through a friend in High School, but didn’t connect until 4 years later. Mike eventually proposed at their favorite park, in the moonlight beside a lake. They both love snow so much, that after the wedding they honeymooned at Jay Peak Resort in Vermont to snowboard.

Florist: Bud’s Florist 

Wedding Planner: “We did all the planning together ourselves in under a year and it was rough.”

Videographer: The Pros

DJ: Dash of Class

Real Brides: Deanna's Snowy winter wedding

Real Brides: Deanna's Snowy winter wedding

The theme was very important to me and we were careful to stick to it! We even had the flower girl throwing silk snowflakes instead of petals! Our signature drink for the evening was called ‘The Snowball’ and we had snowflake lights on the dance floor. We kept all the lighting an icy blue and were strict with our color pallet.

Linens: The Grand MarquisReal Brides: Deanna's snowy winter wedding

Chaircovers: “I had elaborate plans for the chairs but when it came down to the final numbers, my mom convinced me it wasn’t worth it to spend on chair covers. I don’t regret that decision.”

Lighting: Dash of Class

Colors: White and blue

Flowers and centerpieces: “The centerpieces were made with supplies from We put frosted glittery white branches in vases with glass rocks and fairy lights. Then we hung snowflake sparkly ornaments from the branches and set each on a snowflake placemat. We also sprinkled snowflake crystals and confetti around them on the table.”

Vows: “We actually ran out of time to memorize our own so we used the standard ones.”

Cake: The Grand Marquis (Reception Hall) – “The cake’s design was really disappointing.  I had given them a sketch and color swatches and while they sort of got it, it looked really sloppy and the colors were the wrong tones.”


Real Brides: Deanna's Snowy winter wedding

Rings: Littman Jewelers. Deanna’s ring is a snowflake design.

Jewelry: Necklace from Macys

Wedding Party: 5 Bridesmaids, 4 Groomsmen, 1 Flower Girl & 1 Ring Bearer

Bridesmaids Dresses: Bari Jay, in ‘Blue Luminescent,’ from Hollywood Bridal in New Jersey.

Groomsmen’s Tuxedos: Black, with blue ties and vests.

Wedding Dress: Kennith Winston, in white.

Shoes: Aerosoles



Real Brides: Deanna's snowy winter wedding

Real Brides: Deanna's Snowy Winter Wedding

Real Brides: Deanna's Snowy winter wedding

Most Memorable moment: “Oh I don’t know! The whole thing!”

You and your husbands’ wedding advice:  “It’s better to get things done early then to think you’ve got a lot of time and leave it all to the end. – Also, finding shoes can be really tricky out of season and you’ll need them for your dress fitting so plan accordingly!”

First Dance Song: You’re my best friend, by Queen

Wedding Song: She’s Always Singing, by The Dear Hunter

One thing I want to recommend for those planning their own wedding: Having the photographer go around and take a photo of each table was a really wonderful idea.  Looking back it’s nice to have a photo of every single person who attended.  (Save my one cousin who somehow eluded every single photo of the night).  [I wouldn’t suggest trying to pose with each table—it will take up too much time].

Real BridesL Deanna's Snowy Winter wedding

Did you hand-make or DIY any wedding items? “We put the centerpieces together and I did the graphics for the Save the Dates and the Wedding Invitations.  I also made the cake topper. It was a snowglobe with ducks! It tied into our proposal. My mother made the flower girl’s basket and my aunt made and embroidered the ring bearer’s pillow –with snowflakes of course!!”

What was the biggest roadblock that you ran into while planning the wedding? “I got extremely ill in the last few months before the wedding and was bedridden for a while. At that same time there was a lot of pressure to suddenly stay late at work every night. In the end we had to cut a few corners and there were things we just couldn’t prepare as much as I had wanted to.”

Real Brides: Deanna's Snowy winter wedding

Real Brides: Deanna's Snowy Winter Wedding


Who/what gave you the most help in the planning process? “We split the tasks and both did our share. Our families and friends also gave us a hand.”

How much influence did your family/ fiancé have in the planning process? “My husband and I really planned everything together. I think I was definitely more picky but he had a big input in all our choices. We included our families in the process but they didn’t push their opinions on us.”

Real Brides: Deanna's Snowy winter wedding

Real Brides: Deanna's Snowy winter wedding

Which part of the process gave you the most stress? “The time constraints! In the last few months we were still trying to find a print shop to print the invitations I had designed (a lot of the shops said they’d only print their own templates) and we couldn’t decide on a centerpiece design.”

Is there anything that didn’t go as planned? Many, many things. We didn’t realize until afterwards but our photographer had missed the most basic wedding shots! (Like the bride and groom’s portrait!!) and the photography company had sent everything pixelated. The videographer took much of the video from the ground, shooting upwards, for who knows what reason!! We also ran out of time with the pre-wedding photos because my hair wouldn’t cooperate and I was rushed out of the house chaotically. We ordered the favors online- these beautiful snowflake glass coasters. When they arrived, they looked so cheap!! They were completely different than the photo but we had already ordered over 100! Everyone except me says they’re nice but…. Oh, and I’ll probably be sulking about the cake forever…”

Real Brides: Deanna's Snowy Winter Wedding

Real Brides: Deanna's snowy winter wedding


What was your favorite part of the experience/ event? “It was a lot of fun! The whole thing was just really fun!”

If you could go back in time, what would you have changed? “I would have definitely done something different with my hair and make up.”

Real Brides: Deanna's Snowy Winter Wedding

Real Brides: Deanna's Snowy Winter Wedding


What did you do to save money? “We bargained with all of the vendors—We actually revised the cocktail hour menu to save a lot. Also, I actually got my veil on amazon for $30! No one could tell and in my opinion it looked just as good as a $200 one.”

What was your biggest splurge? “We didn’t really splurge too much on anything. My dress was more than I had originally planned to spend and my husband pushed for us to spend to have a nice honey moon but it was still reasonable. I WISH we had splurged on a different photographer.”

Real Brides: Deanna's Snowy Winter Wedding

Real Brides: Deanna's Snowy Winter Wedding

Real Brides: Deanna's Snowy Winter Wedding

Deanna is a designer, illustrator, and stylist.  Visit her website here:



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