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When I first went shopping for my wedding dress, my only request was that I did not want a “bride costume.”  If a princess cupcake gown is not your style, all is good, because more and more wedding dress designers are offering up some non-traditional options for brides.  I really love the bridal separates look, and here are some reasons why…

Bridal Separates from BHLDN

Luckily, bridal separates have the ability to please many, and can suit any style or taste that the bride might have. Separates offers a way to “build-your-own dress”, and to really put something unique together.  Cookie-cutter wedding dresses and the “bride costume” might just be fading out, while fashion-forward separates are now trending.

Style Influencers

In researching this topic, I found that bridal separates weren’t a ‘thing’ really before 2013, and those who wished to find a retailer that would mix and match separates had some difficulty.  Then, Olivia Palermo got married…


Se nos ha casado Olvia Palermo!! conjunto de Carolina Herrera y zapatos de Manolo Blahnik! Que os parece??

A photo posted by Neus Mira (@neusmira_monisisima) on

Pairing a cashmere sweater with a custom-designed Carolina Herrera tulle skit over white shorts, the fashionista surprised everyone with her outfit of choice.  Soon after, designers showing at New York Bridal Fashion Week had various separates options walking down their runways.

Nowadays, there are boho cropped tops, and classic tanks, with tulle skirts and sequined maxi skirts.  There are short (and long) dresses with a tulle overlay, and corsets with lace overlays.  The best selection I found for bridal separates was at BHLDN.  Check out some of their looks here…

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Bella gown with overlay - BHLDN separates
Bella gown- photo courtesy of BHLDN

This gown is actually 2 gowns… under, there is a beautiful column dress, and on top is a blush tulle overlay.  Imagine being able to remove that tulle topper and wear a totally different dress to your reception?  Here is a photo of the underdress:

Bella lace column dress BHLDN
Bella gown- photo courtesy of BHLDN

Pretty darn chic, right? Shed that top layer, and voila! A reception gown.

And now a true build-a-dress, and this is my favorite:

Carina corset and Ahsan skirt - BHLDN bridal separates
Carina Corset and Ahsan skirt in blush- photo courtesy of BHLDN

This corset and gown combo in blush is breathtaking.  If I were to do it all over again, maybe this one! Now, check out the same Corina Corset with the Maisey Skirt:

Maisey Skirt bridal separates BHLDN
Corina Corset and Maisey Skirt – photo courtesy of BHLDN

Nice, right? I love it! There’s a little more detail to this skirt, and the blush tones coordinate with the corset.

Another corset and skirt option below is the Maelin Corset and the Priya Skirt.  Can you even really tell that these are separates?

Priya Skirt and Maelin corset - BHLDN
Priya Skirt and Maelin corset – Photo courtesy of BHLDN

Priya and Maelin are a little bit pricey, but the details are gorgeous.

For a bit more casual look, check out this crop top and maxi skirt combo:

BHLDN Bridal Separates
Bianca top and Ahsan skirt – photo courtesy of BHLDN

Bianca is a rose gold, sequined crop-top, and is paired with the ivory version of the Ahsan skirt (we saw the blush version up top).  This look is a little bit boho, a little bit whimsical, and perhaps a little bit ‘Hipster.’


2 Are Better Than 1

Besides adding some casual comfort to your wedding day, separates are beneficial for the bride who wants a second dress for the reception.  Just remove a layer, and you’ve got a different look to dance the night away in. You can think of it was a two-in-one dress, and more bang for your buck. Beach weddings, and backyard weddings are just made for a 2-piece gown since the silhouette implies a whimsical and casual style that compliments an outdoor, warm weather wedding.

The thought of a build-your-own wedding dress gives me those warm fuzzies… there’s just so many directions you could go in.

Recently, reality star Morgan Stewart married Brendan Fitzpatrick in custom Badgley Mischka separates…

Celebrity Wedding: Morgan Stewart & Brendan Fitzpatrick


And, There are Bridesmaids…

And let’s not stop there!  BHLDN is also offering up some really gorgeous two-piece bridesmaids dresses.  Check some of these out:

BHLDN Bridesmaids Separates
Cleo Top & Louise Tulle Skirt – Photo courtesy of BHLDN

Maybe you are having that casual, whimsical, backyard wedding, but you’re not ready to ditch a gown completely.  Keep that casual aesthetic by having the bridesmaids in something like the look above.  The Cleo top is shown above in a color called ‘Harbor Mist’, while the tulle skirt is a maxi called Louise, in ‘Sea Glass.’  If short bridesmaid dresses are your thing…

BHLDN Bridesmaids separates
Lydia Lace Skirt & Liv Cami – Photo courtesy of BHLDN

The Lydia lace skirt is knee-length (shown in ‘Harbor Mist’), so it’s better for those hotter wedding days, and the Liv Cami (shown in ivory) keeps it casual and comfortable for your bridesmaids… because who wants to sweat their face off at an outdoor wedding in the sun?

Lastly, since Lauren Conrad deemed this the summer of bridesmaid prints

BHLDN Bridesmaids separates prints
Louise Tulle Skirt and Cleo Top – photo courtesy of BHLDN


The Cleo top that I showed above is here in ‘Whipped Apricot’, and the Louise Tulle Skirt has a crinkley print, but the name of the color is ‘Lavender Multi.’

Am I in the minority in getting excited over the exit of the formal bridal gown? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Do you feel inspired to purchase any of these?

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