Losing The Pre-Wedding Weight with Jazzercise, and Sweaty Bands

We all want to feel good in our wedding dress on our special day. Some of you already feel awesome- and that’s great! By all means, love yo’ self! Others may feel like they want to slim down so that those wedding photos look as perfect as possible. I know that personally, I wanted to slim down as much as I could without depriving myself of the summertime goodies and celebrations prior to the wedding.

Losing pre-wedding weight: Jazzercise & Sweaty Bands
Workout essentials: Jazzercise and Sweaty Bands, Water bottle, and Ryka’s.

After I picked out my (strapless) dress, I realized that my arms and back could really use some toning as well, since they both would be quite exposed. This became a goal, in addition to just losing a few lb’s so that I could give that beautiful dress the shape it deserved. Here is my own personal story…

I gave myself lots of time, and Jazzercise

Luckily, I had over a year to plan my wedding. I already knew that weight loss takes some time, so I allowed myself the rest of the summer to have food & drink freedom, then afterwards I had to buckle-down. I started slowly, approximately one year prior, which gave me a lot of wiggle-room. If I fell off of the wagon over the Holidays, I would still have time to recover
and move forward again (which totally happened!).

In addition to being a former bride and a blogger, I’m also a Jazzercise Instructor. For the past 5 years I’ve been teaching 2 or more times a week. Before the wedding, I established a 3-day a week schedule teaching Jazzercise, and supplemental weekend visits to the gym when possible. Jazzercise provides an awesome all-around workout including about 40 minutes
of cardio, and 20 minutes of strength training. Thanks to my heart rate monitor, I know that I burn around 550 calories during a class (on average). Since I’m an instructor that likes food a lot, burning an extra 550 a day calories is so helpful in achieving weight loss goals.

The bonus perk of being the instructor is that I get to create the classes.  During the summer of 2015, many of my classes were heavy on the upper-body to tone the arms. I don’t even want to think about what my arms and back would have looked like in the dress if I hadn’t done this!

Losing pre-wedding weight first wedding dance strapless dress
Whew! Thanks Jazzercise for that back!

In addition to teaching Jazzercise, I tracked my caloric intake daily. I used Myfitnesspal, but I know that there are other free services out there that work the same way. My fiancee and I both journaled our meals and workouts, and encouraged/ reminded each other to stay on track daily.

Jazzercise 3x a week, and trying to stay within a calorie goal daily is not exactly an aggressive weight loss plan. My progress was slow, losing about 1 lb per week… then sometimes getting off-track, and getting back on track. As the wedding approached, I covered a fellow instructor’s month and a half-long vacation and bumped it up to 4 days a week. This was helpful, but working full-time, teaching 4 days a week, and planning an upcoming wedding was a bit overwhelming. In the end, at each dress fitting, they had to take the bodice in more and more! In total, I was down 20 pounds from where I started.  I’m very proud of that.

I will always continue with teaching Jazzercise.  The program is constantly evolving and pushes me to work hard and stay on top of fitness trends for my customers.  If you are interested in checking out a class, I recommend using the class locator at www.jazzercise.com and finding one near you.

losing pre-wedding weight with jazzercise

Sweaty Bands

When I became an instructor over 5 years ago, I realized that being able to concentrate while teaching was extremely important to give my customers the best experience.  And having my hair pulled back and out of my face was key.  I don’t want anything touching my face when I’m sweating, and I can’t lose focus and concentration by that distraction. I had tried many different methods, but couldn’t find a reliable headband to do the job.

A fellow instructor tipped me off on Sweaty Bands (shout out to Jeannette!), and I went online to check it out.  I bought 3 headbands…. and was hooked!  The inside of the material is lined with velvet, which is the key to making it stay put.  The bottom section is thin elastic, so that it can tighten to your head.  After trying so many different materials, this is the one that works.

Sweaty Bands headbands Jazzercise Instructor

Sweaty Bands headbands Jazzercise Instructor

So this is the exciting news… I recently became a Sweaty Bands Brand Ambassador! Since I wear these products every time I teach, I might as well join the #sweatycrew!  This means that I can offer all of you kittens a 15% off coupon code. I’ll continue to get another code each month, so if you love them, come on back and get some more.

Please visit: http://sweatybands.refr.cc/JGM6RTF to get your code and then enjoy shopping.  There are so many designs and styles to choose from – I know you’ll find something you like.  This coupon code is good until 1/31/17.

15% off Coupon Code here!
15% off Coupon Code here!

Sweaty Bands Headbands Jazzercise Instructor


And lastly, I want to leave you with this – because CAT.

Jazzercise Instructor Sweaty Bands Headbands cat
because: cat.

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