DIY: Rose Pearl Necklace

Want to hand-make a bridesmaid’s gift from the heart?  Just want to make a craft for yourself?  Need a Mother’s Day gift idea? Follow the instructions below for an easy DIY earring and necklace set.

DIY Rose pearl necklace bridesmaid gift
Rose pearl necklace and earring set

Today, The Wedding Cat is teaming up with Toni, from Woerner Crafts at Amazon Handmade to bring you an easy DIY earring and necklace set. You may choose to do this project with rose pearl and rose gold elements (as pictured), or you can do regular white pearls with gold or silver elements.  Personally I think the rose pearls look very chic.

Materials Needed:

Tools Needed:

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DIY Rose pearl earring necklace bridesmaid gift supplies
Supplies needed – easy peezy.


To make the earrings:
  • Get 3 of the eye pins. 2 of the 3 will need to be cut down, and 1 remains its original length.  Measure 1/4 inch, and mark. Take the 3rd pin and measure out 1/2 in, and mark.
DIY easy rose pearl earring and necklace set
Measure 1/4 in and cut.
  • Cut at each mark, so that the lengths vary.
Easy rose pearl DIY earring set
Cut pins. the lengths will vary by 1/4 in.
  • String a pearl onto each pin.
Easy rose pearl DIY earring and necklace set
String a pearl onto each pin.
  • Using the round-nose pliers, create a loop at the open end of the pin.  The pliers should be your guide for the size of the loop. Finish all pins by closing the loop.
Easy DIY rose pear earring and necklace set
Round nose pliers are a super tool – they do all the work for you.
Easy DIY rose pearl earring and necklace set
The finished round-nose plier loop
  • Grab one of the jump rings. Using the needle nose pliers and the round nose pliers, open the jump ring by moving the two ends away from each other without disturbing the ring.  This is the proper way to open and close a jump ring.  See photo.
Easy DIY rose pearl earring and necklace set.
Opening a jump ring – use pliers to carefully move the ring’s ends.
Easy DIY rose pearl necklace and earring bridesmaids gift
Pull apart, without disturbing the shape of the ring.
  • String your 3 pearl pins onto the jump ring, keeping them in order from longest to shortest.
Easy DIY Bridesmaid rose gold gift
String the pin onto the jump ring using the loop that you created with the round nose pliers.
  • Add the earring hook to the jump ring, then close then close up the jump ring in the same manner that you opened it- use the pliers to pull the ends back into place, closing the ring.
Easy DIY mother's day gift rose gold
Add earring hook to the jump ring, then close.
  • Repeat steps for the second earring, and for the necklace pendants.
To make the necklace:

You’ve already got your 3 pearl pins ready, and on a jump ring…

  • Measure and cut your necklace, making sure that the pendant will fall at your desired length when added. Connect the jump ring to the 2 ends of the chain, and then close it up.
close up of necklace pendant
Attach your jump ring to your chain.
Easy DIY rose pearl necklace
Close up the jump ring, connected to chain
  • If your necklace needs a closure, use a jump ring to connect a lobster claw or any other type of closure.  If desired, you may add an additional pearl to the end of the chain as shown below:
Easy rose gold DIY necklace
After adding the clasp, we added an additional pearl to the end of the chain.

Voila! That is pretty simple.  If you love this design and would rather not make it yourself, check out Woerner Craft’s online store at Amazon Handmade to purchase it.

DIY rose pearl earrings
Earrings close-up

Another version of this set, made with white pearls, and a little extra bling….

DIY white pearl bling gift
White pearls, and a little extra sparkle. You can purchase this at Woerner Crafts



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