DIY Bridal Headpiece

Sometimes I browse wedding apparel sites just to see what’s happening with trends and prices.  I’ve always loved it when brides take an unconventional approach to bridal hair, and go for a headpiece, tiara, or halo.  There’s just something so artistic and special about it, and I noticed that the retail bridal sites are providing a more and more diverse selection when it comes to headpieces.

Make your own Bridal headpiece for 5.00

I didn’t have the guts to do it at my own wedding, but that’s because I went for a look that was a reflection of what I look like everyday (not that this is what everyone should do – by all means do something different if you’d like!).

While browsing around some sites, I noticed that the headpieces are usually pretty pricey!  I became interested in the different styles and materials, and decided that I would like to try making one.  I set out to accomplish this task, and surprisingly, I was able to for only $5.00!  Now, in my case, I happened to find 2 of the items on clearance, and also had a 40% off (of one item) coupon- so I’m sorry if that was misleading!   Since many headpieces and halos will retail for $150-$200, it’s very possible to create something for less, depending on what kind of materials you’d like to use.

I went to Michael’s for supplies, not really knowing what I wanted to make, and with what materials.  In total, I spent way too long in that store, but I was really roaming around looking for options.  I settled on the materials below.

DIY Headpiece for bridal materials

Materials Required:

  • Pearl and antique style chain (on clearance at Michael’s for $1.49)
  • Costume Jewelry piece (in Beads section at Michael’s)
  • Jump rings
  • Ribbon (on clearance at Michael’s)
  • Fabric glue or hot glue

Tools Needed:

  • Pliers – Needle nose, round, or regular.  It is best to have 2 pliers.
  • Fabric tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun*

*I first attempted this project with fabric glue, and while it seems to have worked fine, I feel that hot glue would be more reliable.


Begin by measuring from the back of your ear, across the head to the back of your other ear – or you could just grab a headband and measure the length of that to get an idea of how much chain you’ll need.  Using your pliers, find a spot to pry open one of the rings so as to release any unneeded chain.  The remaining chain should fit nicely around your head like a headband would.

Measure chain for Headband length

Next, select a large jump ring, and pry it open – slightly wide.

Opening a jump ring for headpiece

Loop the end of your ribbon through the jump ring, straighten it out so it can lay flat.  Use glue to secure the ribbon (onto itself).  Close the jump ring tightly.  Trim the ribbon so that it is about 8 inches long.  Repeat for the other end of the chain.


Attaching ribbon for headpiece

Find the middle of the headband/piece and line up the costume jewelry so that it will be centered on the headband.

Ribbon Attached to Headpiece DIY

I used 3 jump rings to carefully attach the rhinestone piece to the chain, making sure that I was still in the center, but this will likely differ based on what type of materials you would like to use.

Costume jewelry attached to headpiece DIY

DIY Bridal Headpiece for 5 dollars


Test out your headpiece to make sure that it looks balanced, and works for your head.

Tiara style halo bridal headpiece DIY


A few tips – It might be a smart move to either double up the jump rings, or re-enforce them prior to the wedding.  If something fell apart on the day-of, what would be bad.  You could dab some super glue anywhere that feels like a weak spot- I even did this for my store-bought headband I used at my wedding!  Also, always have a hair trial with your stylist to ensure that he/she can work with your creation, and make your vision come to life.

Bridal Headpiece DIY


I rotated the center rhinestone piece for a side-parted look:

Bridal Headpiece DIY


Also, my headpiece cost only $5.00 to make, but you get what you pay for – so if sturdier and more expensive materials are what you’d prefer to have, then splurge on a fancy one… after all, it’s your big day!


If you’re not the crafty type, or you want a top-of-the-line model, here are a couple that you can purchase (already assembled!) on sale at BHLDN:

Affiliate links below – Thank you for supporting this blog!

Lauraceae Halo BHLDN
Photo Courtesy of BHLDN

Lauraceae Halo $170.00 (sale price)


Fiorenza Headband BHLDN
Photo courtesy of BHLDN

Forenza Headband $220.00 (sale price)

Shop BHLDN Weddings

If you decide to create your own headpiece, please share some pics with me!




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