4 Reasons Why Your Event May Need Uplighting

When ever you see a photo of a really fabulous celebrity wedding, they always have uplighting installed. And did you know that it is actually not that expensive to rent?  Below are four cases in which it may be necessary to add uplighting to your venue.  Does your event space fall into any of these categories?

4 reasons why your event needs uplighting

The “wow” effect that uplighting creates is increasing in popularity for weddings in particular. The lighting is projected on walls or columns to either accentuate the architecture of the room or building, or provide ambiance. Uplighting is becoming more and more of a “must-have” at various events, due to it’s ability to change the mood of a room, and the increasing availability of LED lighting for rent.

Ambiance that pink uplighting adds to a room
Photo courtesy of PoshPartiesllc.net

You Need Uplighting if…

  1. Your space is very bare, lacking architecture or design.  Uplighting will create depth to the space, changing the mood of the room.  Use the color of the lights to transform the room. To take it even further, add draping plus an uplight to a bare wall, and now you’ve got some architecture!
  2. Your space is lacking the design you desire.  If you are trying to turn the local Moose Lodge into a swanky wedding reception, and the decor is not what you intended for your special day, get some uplighting.  This is an affordable way to really make a change in the appearance of the space.  Personally, my reception was at a restaurant that incorporated maritime-inspired prints and elk heads on the wall.  The floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Detroit River sold me, but the task of converting the space to a classy intimate wedding reception took some creative thinking and some uplighting.  A beautiful wedding at your local hall is possible, and uplighting takes it to the next level that you’ll be looking for.
  3. The overall lighting of your space is difficult to adjust. If the room is too bright or uses fluorescent lighting, but too dark when turning the lights off, then maximum or even moderate uplighting throughout the room may totally solve the issue.  Since color can be adjusted, a bright yellow or amber hue could give you what you are looking for.  This creates an ‘ambiance’ that will provide the perfect setting for your part-goers.  Fluorescent lighting is harsh, but then again, you don’t want everyone in the dark – even if you are trying to hide some bad dance moves on the dance floor!
  4. There is something in particular that you would like to call attention to.  For instance, maybe you are happy with the venue and overall design of the room, but the cake table is just lost in a corner, unnoticeable.  Or, because of the shape of the venue, the head table for the wedding party looks just like another dinner table with the rest of the guests.  Adding uplighting to just this area draws the eyes toward the object you wish to highlight.  Make your wedding party table or cake table a focus of attention by just adding a few lights.  It makes a huge difference.


Uplighting at my wedding
Light blue uplighting at my wedding reception. Lighting by Posh Parties, LLC.

With many colors and styles to choose from, you can add a complete set of lights that transform your venue to whatever your vision is.  And a little-known fact: It’s surprisingly affordable!  Oftentimes, one of your vendors can add uplighting at a small charge to your existing package (Chair Cover/ Photobooth rentals, and DJ’s often have packages).  Rental companies may offer a Do-It-Yourself package at a discount, if you are willing to pick up the lights and set them up yourself.

Some brides choose only to highlight the head table area and/or dance floor, which would further discount the costs.  This kind of accent lighting adds interest to specific areas without illuminating the whole room.

Moderate coverage is the best option if you would like to place lights around the room without being overly dramatic.  Choose maximum coverage for the “WOW” effect by placing lights every 5 feet.
Stefanie Geilhart, Owner, Posh Parties, LLC

There are certain circumstances that may not be the best occasion for uplighting.  If the lighting is not needed or won’t be noticed – such as a daytime event with lots of natural light, then uplighting may not be necessary.  Also, the equipment is delicate, therefore, a 5th birthday party crawling with rambunctious children may not be the best venue either.

Woerner wedding uplighting dance floor
My light blue uplighting + the DJ’s own “party lights.” Lighting by Posh Parties, LLC.

Just googling “uplighting” returns pages of gorgeous images and ideas for decor with awesome uplighting.  With so many colors available, the possibilities really are endless.

Are you planning for uplighting at your event?  Let me know in the comments.


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