Should Your Wedding be Adults-Only?

We’ve all been to weddings that have a lot of tiny humans in attendance.  Typically kids do ok at weddings (depending on age) and tend to really enjoy the company and the dance floor. In fact, I remember when I was young, that weddings were just the best party ever because I got to dance.  

Should your wedding be adults only?

On the other hand, their accompanying adults may not do as well when they have to keep one eye on their children instead of enjoying themselves.  I get it.  I was lucky in that there just weren’t a lot of children to invite to my wedding.  I did invite children to attend, but the only one that came was my flower girl – and she was obligated (she’s also 9 so she’s barely a child still).

Linked below is a Lifehacker article outlining one person’s experience where the venue advised against having children at the event.  In this case, the venue didn’t want to be held responsible for any unattended children.  I suppose this could be an issue… do adult wedding guests tend to let their kids run wild at weddings?  Maybe not on purpose?

Either way, it is a good idea to check over your contract with the venue to ensure that having kids at the wedding won’t be a problem.  It’s also possible that friends and family with kids may not be able to find childcare for your wedding, especially if they are coming from out of town.

Click the link below to read the Lifehacker story…


Even if you’re okay with guests bringing their kids to your wedding, your venue may not be. A surprising number of venues have restrictions on kids being on premises or being unattended, so make sure to check before sending out wedding invites.

Source: Check Your Wedding Venue Rules Before Inviting Kids


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